The CareVoice Gets $10 Million In Funding To Expand Its Services In Asia

From the past few years, the healthcare sector has been growing at a high pace across the world. A Shanghai-based health insurance startup, The CareVoice, which provides software-based services, is now seeking to expand its services throughout Asia. Last week, the startup raised around $10 Million in Series A funding round.

The investors who contributed in this funding round were LUN partners, SOSV, DNA Capital, and Artesian Capital, among others. The CareVoice mentioned that it would precisely utilize this fund in its R&D sector and for expansion of its Hong Kong-established business.

Around 15 Chinese insurance providers, including AXA and Ping An, are using the startup services. However, the focus of The CareVoice is to improve the registration protocol and consumer experience.

The startup has recently launched a program, particularly for insurers, known as CareVoiceOS. Through this platform, the insurers can generate more customized health plans and link to other accessible online services. In addition to this, The CareVoice also designed a unit known as StartupCare for providing health benefits to the founders and employees of startups.

On a related note, a 2017-established insurance company, SafetyWing, launched its first plan based on medical travel insurance. Under this plan, the startup provides medical cover to anyone working in a foreign nation. Moreover, the cover is adjustable and sold as a 4-week rolling subscription, which can be kept on hold at any time. The minimum cover is $37 for each subscription cycle.

One of the remote workers at SafetyWing, Rasch, told that the startup’s key customers are digital nomads. Rasch stated that the key difference between SafetyWing and its contenders is that only the firm is working on developing a social safety network, particularly for digital nomads. Customers can purchase SafetyWing-offered services even if they are residing in foreign countries, preserving the service benefits for future use.

Recently, the startup has raised $3.5 Million in a seeding round in order to launch further plans and expand its services.

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