Lab-Based Dark Energy Test Narrows Options For Mysterious Force

A test to check out a popular theory of dark energy has discovered no proof of new forces, putting solid restrictions on associated theories. Dark energy is the name offered to an unidentified force that is leading the universe to extend at an increasing pace.

Some physicists claim that dark energy is a 5th force that acts on matter, further than the 4 already identified—electromagnetic, gravitational, and the weak & strong nuclear forces. On the other hand, researchers believe this 5th force might be hidden or screened for big objects such as weights on Earth or planets, making it hard to identify.

Now, scientists at the University of Nottingham and Imperial College London have experimented with the possibility that this 5th force is acting on sole atoms, and discovered no proof for it in their most latest experiment.

This can exclude popular theories of dark energy that alter the theory of gravity and leave small number of places to hunt for the subtle 5th force. The test, examined by the University of Nottingham theorists and conducted at Imperial College London, is posted in Physical Review Letters.

On a related note, areas of the Universe having no or very few galaxies—dubbed as voids—can assist calculate cosmic extension with much greater accuracy than earlier, as per new study.

The research saw at the shapes of voids discovered in data from the SDSS (Sloan Digital Sky Survey) collaboration. Voids come in different shapes, but since they have no ideal direction of alignment, a huge enough sample of them can be employed as “regular spheres.”

On the other hand, the studied shapes of these spheres are deformed by Doppler shifts in the nearby galaxies’ redshifts caused due to the local velocity field, and by the amounts and nature of dark energy and dark matter that consumes 95% of the Universe.

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